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Treating the waist, tummy and outer thigh all in the same treatment!

Non-Invasive Fat Loss

No Pain, No Bruising, No Downtime!!

No Kidding!! This is the beauty of NOT killing the fat cells. You can get off the laser and go right back into your normal routine without missing a beat, plus we encourage moderate exercise! It's all about improving or creating a healthy lifestyle :) And, this fabulous lipolaser is right here in Prescott conveniently across the street from the high school! 

More About the Fat Cell

When  deciding on lipo technologies, it's tempting and even makes a little  sense at first to kill or remove the fat cells. Initially we think  "Well, I don't want the fat to ever come back!" The problem is that when  you do gain some weight in the future it's going to go  somewhere...unfortunately, we don't get to pick and choose. Where  is your body's second favorite place to store fat? How would you look  if that area got out of control?? For many women, that means fat arms  and back; for men that could mean fat legs. (Not cute!!) Please don't  kill your fat cells with surgery, freezing technologies or heating  technologies!! Consider the Zerona first. Low level laser has  been used for many years with ZERO negative side effects or  complications to reduce stubborn belly fat and other troublesome areas.  As a matter of fact, the laser offers positive side effects, like cholesterol reduction, inflammation reduction and many patients have reported a reduction muscular pain as well! (BONUS!!)

How Does the Laser Work??

The  FDA Approved Zerona laser energy gently and painlessly opens a  temporary pore in the fat cell and the fat leaks out into the space  between the cells. Then the lymphatic system picks up the fat and ushers  it to the liver where it can be processed for elimination or burned for  fuel (hence the exercise!) This is a completely normal bodily function -  no systems are taxed or overloaded by this natural removal of fat. Of  course, the better your lymphatic system and liver function, the better  the results. Dr. Sweet will evaluate you to determine if these processes  are running efficiently before you begin treatments on the Zerona. For more in-depth info, see

Prescott lipolaser laser lipo fat loss

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