15 Zerona Treatments

53 yr old Post Menopausal Female - Couldn't Lose Weight Despite Diet and Exercise Efforts


Female, Age 53, Active Lifestyle, Regular Exerciser

Target Areas:  abdomen, hips/thighs, knees

Program:  Performed 15 treatments with Zerona Z6

Moderate changes in eating habits 

Was motivated to exercise a little more

Inches Lost: 12.75 TOTAL over 7 measurements


3.75 inches lost at the navel 

1.25 inches lost under bra strap

1.25 inches lost off of each knee

2 inches lost off of each thigh

Notes: Our patient wore same bra and underwear  for before and after pictures. 

1st row: notice the narrowing of her hips 

2nd row: notice the decrease in fat under  her bra and on her lower back

3rd row: notice how differently her  underwear fit 


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8 Zerona Treatments

54 year old male; couldn’t get below a 34” pant size despite a good diet and exercise


8 Zerona Treatments over 6 weeks

Lost 3 inches in waist across 2 measurements

Has to buy new pants and a new belt now!

Note: We only used the laser on his waist area...we did not laser above the ribcage at all. 

Notice the tightening of the chest and loss of fat on his back.

Being a low level red light laser, the Zerona Z6 increases cellular communication throughout the entire body. Here we see a good example of increased cellular communication between fat cells in other parts of his torso!

Prescott lipolaser laser lipo

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