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Zerona Z6 Non-Invasive Fat Loss

Part of being healthy is maintaining a proper body mass index (BMI). Excess fat causes inflammation, which we now know is the root of most American health problems. The Zerona Low Level Laser gives us an amazing, safe option for reducing inches and excess fat. The laser does NOT kill your fat cells; it does NOT damage your body in any way -- this is important!! (Read more under the Zerona Tab!)

Functional Diagnostic Medicine

Are you tired of chasing symptoms with drugs?  Do you feel that health problems should be corrected, not just covered up? Dr. Sweet does, which is why she has spent several years studying functional medicine. This work uncovers the reasons why you are sick or not feeling "up to snuff." Then using whole food supplementation, herbs and healthy lifestyle change, we correct the problem and help you feel normal again.  Functional medicine doctors have answers for the tough cases that traditional medicine just can't touch.  It's impossible to truly heal your body with poison...that's why we use food and herbs!  

The Best Of Both Worlds

Combining Functional Medicine with the Zerona gives patients the best opportunity to achieve their wellness goals, both from a health standpoint and aesthetically!  If you have trouble losing weight, we will address the underlying cause to put your body back into a weight loss mode...this is what separates us from a traditional weight loss clinic. Fat loss is a side effect of becoming healthier. This combination will insure the most rewarding experience on the Zerona!


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